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   62  Rock Falls, IL  Male  Members only  
Hi . I am a person who believes in equal rights, a person who believes that everybody should be able to get a good education that wants one. I believ...  
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   33  Rockford, IL  Male  Members only  
I will not try to prove that I am a "lefty" by listing off all the things I'm for. Endless pollyanna laden entreaties about making the worl...  
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   44  Dekalb, IL  Male  Members only  
A pacifist that abhors violence. I have a rare disease that prohibits me from working, but I still get around pretty good. I am a customer of Medica...  
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   28  Beloit, WI  Male  Members only  
I am a smart, caring, progressive thinker with a passion for music, sports, movies, books, travel, food, new experiences in all their forms. I am ver...  
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   39  IL  Female  Members only  
I am interested in discovering new things in life. My children are older and this is now my time to discover me. I'm not really sure what else to sa...  
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   36  Stoughton, WI  Male  Members only  
I AM a proud lefty, patiently putting up with the misguided ravings of my otherwise cool friends. I am passionate about the cause, but far more passi...  
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   29  WI  Male  Members only  
Summer is here, and Iíve been looking forward to it for months. However, it would be more fun with some good company. I'm a slender, clean-cut SWM,...  
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   51  Rockton, IL  Male  Members only  
Where to begin? I am a progressive liberal but I believe in fiscal responsibility by my government. I am Pro-choice but I wish there was no need...  
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   64  WI  Male  Members only  
I retired when I was 50 but I work part time jobs just to keep busy. I am a former member of the Steelworkers and Papermakers unions. I have never car...  
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   50  Moline, IL  Male  Members only  
A guy who's managing to do a better job of keeping my wild side under cover. I still hold on to the beliefs I arrived at in my youth, and find that t...  

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