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   56  Lubbock, TX  Male  Members only  
56 year old professional man somewhat in career transition. My ex-wife and I are happily divorced about five years. Our 23 year old son is living with...  
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   71  Santa Fe, NM  Male  Members only  
compassion leads me to support progressive issues. i would say i'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. i have strong feelings about people ...  
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   24  Amarillo, TX  Female  Members only  
I am someone tired of all the close0-minded people around here. I think for myself and don't quite fit in politically in this part of the country  
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   18  Midland, TX  Female  Members only  
I live in a conservative redneck town in fact its the home of George Bush. I love politics and music. I'm currently attending college, my major is Pol...  
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   58  Santa Fe, NM  Female  Members only  
Proud child of the '60's. Interested in alternative lifestyles, eclectic spiritual practice, nature lover, artist.  
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   34  Santa Fe, NM  Male  Members only  
Hello, I am an attorney in NM. I work for one of the local tribes' casinos where I make sure everyone complies with the law. I am a lifelong democrat as well.  
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   127  Santa Fe, NM  Female  Members only  
I am a passionate believer and worker in social and racial justice issues. I also enjoy participating and listening to stimulating disscussions rangi...  
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   28  LA  Female  Members only  
sweet, kind lady. enjoy music, having fun.  
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   32  TX  Female  Members only  
I'm a single female who has been repeatedly shafted by the red propagandists currently in power. I am a liberal because I am sick and tired of this ra...  
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   45  Santa Fe, NM  Male  Members only  
Self employed progressive with an over stimulated sense of dread when it comes to the direction these jack booted, right wing facist thugs are taking ...  

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