All You Need to Know about Essential Oils for Headaches

Many people often have a headache and some persons also have chronic headachestell that they always have to take pills. Nonetheless, when you absorb too many medicines, you will have several side effects for the upcoming time. You should do some medical examinations to check your health.

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If you do not have serious problems, you will try to apply some natural remedies. One of the most popular remedies is using essential oils. Are you surprised by this information? Well, you are not the only one to be surprised as we also are. Therefore, both of us need to find out some points about the essential oils for headaches right away.

Major categories of headaches

For those who have suffered from headaches recognize that their pain symptoms are different. Some could not be serious annoyances while others probably abuse you many times. There are 10 certain kinds of headaches as follow

  • Tension headaches;
  • Cluster headaches;
  • Allergy headaches;
  • Sinus headaches;
  • Migraine headaches;
  • Hormone headaches;
  • Caffiene headaches;
  • Exertion headaches;
  • Hangover headaches;
  • Sinus headaches

Different kinds of headaches often have different causes. If you have tension headaches, you will have muscular pains around head and neck areas. Various things can cause a headache such as foods, activities, and stressors.

On the one hand, sinus headaches are caused by a contamination of the nasal passages which lead to swelling. This makes crowding which then causes pressure in the forehead and under the eyes.

With the migraine headaches, the right answer is still unknown. Nonetheless, scientists think that this is caused by unusual brain activity which leads to a short-term change in the nerve signals, chemicals, and blood flow in the brain.

Top essential oils to relief your head pains

Although these types of headaches have different reasons, you probably use some natural remedies; especially the essential oils to reduce your pain and feel comfortable. Here are 5main types of these oils.

1. Eucalyptus essential oil

In general, Eucalyptus is normally used to reduce swelling and treat sinuses. For those have sinuses headaches recognize that inhaling eucalyptus oil decreases their symptoms clearly. Moreover, eucalyptus oil can reduce blood pressure when it was inhaled.

2. Chamomile essential oil

According to a research indicated that chamomile oil probably enhances some anxiety symptoms and depression. Headaches are generally caused by anxiety, so chamomile oil could support treat headaches. In the chamomile oil, there are anti-swelling elements which can decrease a headache. However, this information is needed to study more.

3. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most common essential oils for solving headaches. According to a recent review showed that utilizing peppermint oil to treat tension headaches. Thanks to the menthol, peppermint oil can be effective in treating migraines when using it as a gel to the head.

4. Rosemary essential oil

There are many studies indicated that rosemary oil is an effective headache treatment because rosemary has some anti-swelling properties and pain-killing elements. On the flip side, some people also use rosemary oil to decrease insomnia and pain during their opiumwithdrawal treatment.Nonetheless, humans still need to study more about health benefits of the rosemary oil.

5. Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is also one of the most popular oil for treating headaches and other issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and migraines. When inhaling lavender essential oil, it is safe and effective to control migraine headaches.

How to use essential oils for treating headaches

Nowadays, essential oils are safe and more effective as the natural remedies for treating some chronic pain like headaches.

The essential oils reduce stress and offer relaxation. These oils also have several health benefits and improve your immune system instead of using some pills or other medical treatments.

In general, you can use essential oils to relieve your headache symptoms. Here are a few methods to utilize these oils.

1. Apply the oil to the temples and forehead area

When opening the essential oils, you should drop a little oil and apply it to the forehead or related areas. Then, you slowly massage to help your skin absorb naturally. Please keep in mind that essential oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil or diffuser oil before utilized in your skin.

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2. Inhale the oil directly

To inhale essential oils, you should add a few drops in your tissue or a soft towel firstly. Then, you take the tissue underneath your nose and slowly deep.

3. Take with a compress

To have a compress, you need to use a towel and add a few drops of oil in cold water. After that, you get the compress to the forehead or neck region.

4. Drop oil in the bath

For those who always take a bath, you can add a few drops to a hot bath. By doing this, your headaches will be relived.

Side effects of using essential oils and some considerations

Because essential oils are not permitted by the Food & Drug Association, it is extremely important to consider and buy a reliable brand. On the flip side, essential oils are great natural remedies when used accurately.

Please carry in mind that essential oils should not be used on your skin directly as you may have skin irritation if you skip the diluted process.

Moreover, some people are really allergic to essential oils even if diluted. Thus, they should try a few drops on a small skin area to check for an allergic reaction. The essential oil will be safe to use if they do not have any reaction within two days.

If a person has a health problem, then he or she should ask a doctor before utilizing.


Aromatherapyis an incredible therapy through using essential oils. Each of essential oil gives different benefits for our health. Everything you need to do is that to find some good points and side effects when you decide to use natural treatments. Do not forget to speak with your doctor if you have an allergic body to be sure that you could use or not.