Best TENS Units for Pain Relief

If you are suffering from chronic pain, it’s not easy to manage. Because physical therapy is quite expensive, you will want to think about alternatives such as creams, massage machines, and more.

One of the best solutions is electrotherapy. You can do this at home. Follow us today to get a bit of info about the machines you can use for such therapy- TENS units.

What are TENS Units?

Actually, TENS units come with electrodes connected by wire to the main unit. You can use them to control the intensity as well as the type of stimulation you are having.

These electrodes come with a cover of sticky pads that allow you to apply to your skin where you are having pain. However, there is a limited number of uses.

The fact is that electricity can help with your pain. You will get a few different competing theories from that. These units are known as a painkiller and antidepressant.

They work well on relieving pain. Also, they are great for a wide variety of conditions such as bone cancer, diabetic neuropathy, and arterial diseases.

Benefits of TENS Units

There are a few benefits we can get from TEN units. Let’s take a look at below for some of the most important ones:

Easy Pain Relief

The first benefit of TENS units we want to mention is to give you with pain relief. These units actually don’t require a prescription. They allow you to use more often. At the same time, you will get lesser chances of any side-effects.

In fact, you won’t get addiction from them. This is really a great alternative to medication. Furthermore, they don’t offer you any pain on your skin. Indeed, it’s safe and clean as long as you follow all the essential guidelines.

Portable and Discreet

There is a wide range of machines you can use to manage your pain out there. However, some of them seem to be quiet bulky even when they are portable.

So, we recommend you to use TENS units. They are incredibly small. In fact, these units are even smaller than a smartphone.

It’s easy to use even when you are running. You needn’t worry the pads sticking out of your clothes. Because they feature a silent mode, no one knows the existence of them. It’s perfect for those who are looking for pain relief at work.

Accessible and Affordable

When compared to other devices, TENS units are more accessible. Also, they are not difficult to use. Furthermore, these options are at a low starting price. That’s why you can easily get them without worrying about breaking your wallet. It’s really a good consideration for those who are suffering from chronic pain with a low income.

Top 11 TENS Units for Pain Relief 2019

Roscoe Medical TENS 7000 2nd Edition

If you want to get a portable TENS unit, you can choose the Roscoe Medical TENS 7000 2nd Edition. It comes with limited settings. They are available in 5 modes and 8 intensity levels. However, this is strong. Moreover, it’s easy to use.

This device can be able to run continuously. Especially, you can store it up to 60 different operation records. It features quite high strong strength.

Plus, there are a few good extras, including the hard carrying case. But, it’s still at an affordable price. Besides, this option can last for a long time as well.

It comes with 9-volt batteries that can burn out fast. If you want, you can replace them by getting rechargeable batteries.

FDA Cleared OTC HealthmateFor ever YK15AB TENS

Nowadays, there is a lot of choices of affordable unit available on the market. This product is a great one to try out. In fact, it’s known as one of the most adjustable units available.

It offers you 8 pads at once. They are on two different channels. Therefore, it’s easy to cover large areas of your body. They can be able to be used on multiple areas at once. If you want, you can use the large side in place of the smaller ones.

Plus, there are 20 different levels of intensity. Besides, the unit is made with 15 pre-programmed modes.

This is also a great choice for those who want to get ones coming at a highly affordable price.

Many customers said that this unit comes with poorly written instructions. So, it’s easy to get a bit of trouble when using it.

Once you find pads not suitable for you, you can consider purchasing replacement pads.

AccuMed Rechargeable Tens Unit AP212

It offers 4 electrodes on two different channels. Especially, they are available in color-coded. So, you won’t get confused when using. It is made with a total of 16 modes that you can easily cycle through.

It features a large and backlight LCD screen. So, it’s easy to use. Also, you can also carry it around with ease because it’s fairly small. Even when you use it on the lowest setting, you can still feel it’s powerful. The AccuMed also give you a durable construction.

There are also some cons to this tens unit. First, it isn’t designed with a continuous mode. Moreover, it’s pricey a bit.

AVON Rechargeable TENS Unit

This device is one of the most adjustable units on the market today. It features 20 different levels of intensity. Therefore, it won’t hurt you.

Because it’s small, it’s not difficult to carry around with you. In addition, it comes with clearly marked different programs in the interface.

Although the device comes with all good additional modes, it still lacks dual channel control. Keep in mind that more intensity levels don’t mean the unit has more strength.


This unit is designed with a bit of non-standard setup. There are two different channels that you can use 6 electrodes at once.

Also, this unit offers you two extra large pads. With this TENS unit, you needn’t worry about power. Though it doesn’t look strong, it is stronger than that.

Its batteries allow it last for a quite a while. This unit works with a USB charger. So, it’s easy to recharge.

It is designed with some good extras. Moreover, it’s compact as well as easily portable. But, it includes low-quality sticky pads.

TechCare Massage Tens Unit Plus 24

The TechCare Massage Tens Unit Plus 24 looks like a smartphone. It is known for a nifty touchscreen. You can use it with ease. Also, it comes with well-labeled controls.

If you want to change modes, you need to adjust the intensity on both channels. This unit comes with only 6 modes, not 24. They are available in 4 different levels.

It features great strength. Even when you use it at higher levels, it can still last for quite a while. It comes with the USB charger, so it’s easy to charge it quickly. Plus, this TEN unit comes with durable pads.

Touchscreen-based units are great for using at home. They allow you to see the setting easier for more descriptions.

HealthmateFOR ever HM8ml Tens Unit

This option is actually an obvious upgrade from some of the last models. It’s easy to use. There are a few large buttons that are made for the controls. It’s easy to press all the buttons.

This unit is available in 8 different modes. It allows you to use 4 pads on two different channels. It is known for 20 intensity levels. But, it’s not essential to use all of them. It can be able to last for a long time even when used on the strongest setting.

Also, this choice is very durable. It offers durable pads since they are high-quality. According to, It’s really one of the best choices for those who are finding the best TENS unit for sciatica. But, it may not be easy to take the electrodes off.

KEDSUM Rechargeable 16 Modes Tens Unit

There are 4 different pads for you to use from this tens unit. You can use them at the same time on 2 different channels. With this unit, it’s not essential to use the extremely intense settings.

Its battery can be able to last for 10 hours. It offers you a USB charger in addition to a few other extras such as pads of different sizes.

This unit doesn’t come with an instruction manual. So, it’s important to look for some instructions online.

Ohuhu FDA Cleared Muscle Pain Tens Unit

This unit is known as a powerful and highly adjustable option. It’s available in 16 different modes. There are 20 different levels of intensity.

But, it comes with poor instructions. So, you may have to get a microscope to even read them. This option is actually quite durable. You needn’t worry about breaking it even when dropping it.

They can be sticky in one or two weeks. Therefore, you will have to replace them fairly soon. There are lots of pads in the package when coming to this tens unit. It features extras pads of different sizes. Plus, it comes with durable construction as well.

Remember to stop using with the treatment altogether at the high intensity once you feel pain.

MEDVIVE Rechargeable FDA Cleared Tens Unit

MEDVIVE is set up with a total of 8 pads. They are sticky enough to stay for quite a while. Today, there are many units coming with low-quality pads. So, try out this unit if you want to get great pain relief.

Many people choose this unit because of the extras. With it, you can use 4 pads at once. It offers great strength.

Actually, it’s an adjustable unit. It comes with 16 modes. It may be not easy to make out what the modes do because of only vague icons. But, not all the time its screen is durable.

Massage Therapy Concepts TENS Unit and EMS Combination

This option is not only a good TENS unit but also a great EMS unit. Therefore, it’s a good choice for those who want to save their money.

It looks like a smartphone with a handy touchscreen that you can easily use. Also, it is designed with a couple of great extras. They include large as well as extra large sets of pads.

Sure, you will be satisfied with both the TENS and the EMS unit. All of them function work well. Its battery doesn’t last too long. Besides, it may be not easy to use at first.


Best TENS Units for Pain ReliefI have already told you the best TEN units for pain relief. Sure, you will find ones that can fit you. So, which is the best one? Well, in my thinking, the best option is the AccuMed Rechargeable Tens Unit AP212. It is designed with lots of adjustments and strength, separate channels, and a few minor downsides. You can choose any of the units mentioned above. It’s up to you!