What is the best way to record an acoustic guitar? Blog

What is the best way to record an acoustic guitar?

The acoustic guitar always brings a classical sound, soothing and pleasant. However, the problem is that improperly capturing the acoustic guitar sound can prove to be quite challenging. In this article, we suggest some useful techniques help you record the professional quality sound of an acoustic guitar.

In this tutorial, we will focus on microphone placement to help you get the most perfect acoustic guitar sound. There are 5 most common ways to place a microphone which are mono mic technique, X-Y mic placement, spaced pair, extensively spaced pair, or mid-side.

The following sections will cover these techniques in detail, let’s find out below:

1. Mono miking technique

The simplest way to record acoustic guitar is to employ a sole microphone. This will help get rid of phase problems. You simply need to place the microphone at the central point.

However, the use of a microphone will be limited if you want a broad audio recording. To do this, you need to rotate the microphone in two different directions left and right in 2 sessions to be able to create an ample audio record.

Although this may make a slight difference in tonality at the time of performance, the acoustic guitar sound will be more ordinary. Furthermore, with this miking manner, you can form thicker sounds.

2. X-Y pair miking technique

Phase effect is always a problem that many people worry about while miking acoustic guitar. However, using the X-Y microphone placement will allow you to overcome these problems related to the phase.

To perform this recording technique, you first need to attach the microphone to the cradle with the two mic positions not too far apart. You need to place them in a 90-degree with two microphone heads close together to create L-shape.

Placing this microphone will help you get an extensive sound and even the stereo of the strings and body. If you want to capture a wider acoustic guitar sound, you can adjust the two microphones farther apart.

3. Spaced pair of microphone technique

Just like the X-Y  pair microphone shown above, with this third recording model, you need to use two microphones that are appended to the bar, then adjust them so they are parallel. The thing to note in this miking technique is the distance of the microphone.

Specifically, this technique primarily allows you to record sounds that only marginally alter to the right and left of the middle part of the guitar. Therefore, the most perfect sound is stereo in the center, and with this microphone placement, you get great acoustic guitar sound quality.

Besides, you can also place the microphone at 4 frets of the guitar and the microphone on the left towards the top of the guitar. You should note that the gap between the microphone and the guitar will produce different sound qualities. Therefore, you had better pay attention to the distance to get the sound you want.

4. Wide spaced pair microphone miking technique

By using two microphones, we can apply another recording model which is the technique of coincident pair. This is another version of the distance pairing model introduced above.

This technique is performed when the performer places the two microphones in the center of the instrument and the microphone body is far apart to lessen phase problems.

To measure the distance from the microphone to the center point of the guitar, you should use the microphone cable. In particular, phase problems will be diminished if the space to each microphone is unchanged.

5. Mid-side miking

This is a special recording technique because it uses two microphones with various polar models piled on top of each other to give you wide, full mono compatibility. Specifically, with the first microphone, you should apply the microphone pickup pattern (cardioid polar) and run a figure-8 mic pattern for the second microphone.

This recording technique offers many advantages over previous recording techniques. Specifically, when using the microphone with the figure of eight polar patterns facing the center, you would replicate the microphone of Figure eight.

Next, when rotating the hard copy left and right, you will now reverse the phase of the copy. What will you think of next is a series of audio noises? It will not happen. The fact is that hard pated signals emit ultrawide sound, but they will mix in monophonic.

Placing the cardioid microphone in the center will help to capture the stereo generated for the mono downmixing pattern. It is not always a bad thing to cancel phase, in this case, this is an advantage you should benefit to get rich and sharp sound.


Based on the information we provided above, you can choose the most optimal way to record acoustic guitar. You must pay attention to how the microphone is placed, not just the microphone type. You can even use a phone recording and follow the techniques above if you don’t have a microphone yet.

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All You Need to Know about Essential Oils for Headaches

Many people often have a headache and some persons also have chronic headaches tell that they always have to take pills. Nonetheless, when you absorb too many medicines, you will have several side effects for the upcoming time. You should do some medical examinations to check your health.

If you do not have serious problems, you will try to apply some natural remedies. One of the most popular remedies is using essential oils. Are you surprised by this information? Well, you are not the only one to be surprised as we also are. Therefore, both of us need to find out some points about the essential oils for headaches right away.

Major categories of headaches

For those who have suffered from headaches recognize that their pain symptoms are different. Some could not be serious annoyances while others probably abuse you many times. There are 10 certain kinds of headaches as follow

  • Tension headaches;
  • Cluster headaches;
  • Allergy headaches;
  • Sinus headaches;
  • Migraine headaches;
  • Hormone headaches;
  • Caffeine headaches;
  • Exertion headaches;
  • Hangover headaches;
  • Sinus headaches

Different kinds of headaches often have different causes. If you have tension headaches, you will have muscular pains around head and neck areas. Various things can cause a headache such as foods, activities, and stressors.

On the one hand, sinus headaches are caused by a contamination of the nasal passages which lead to swelling. This makes crowding which then causes pressure in the forehead and under the eyes.

With the migraine headaches, the right answer is still unknown. Nonetheless, scientists think that this is caused by unusual brain activity which leads to a short-term change in the nerve signals, chemicals, and blood flow in the brain.

Top essential oils to relief your head pains

Although these types of headaches have different reasons, you probably use some natural remedies; especially the essential oils to reduce your pain and feel comfortable. Here are 5 main types of these oils.

1. Eucalyptus essential oil

In general, Eucalyptus is normally used to reduce swelling and treat sinuses. For those have sinuses headaches recognize that inhaling eucalyptus oil decreases their symptoms clearly. Moreover, eucalyptus oil can reduce blood pressure when it was inhaled.

2. Chamomile essential oil

According to a research indicated that chamomile oil probably enhances some anxiety symptoms and depression. Headaches are generally caused by anxiety, so chamomile oil could support treat headaches. In the chamomile oil, there are anti-swelling elements which can decrease a headache. However, this information is needed to study more.

3. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most common essential oils for solving headaches. According to a recent review showed that utilizing peppermint oil to treat tension headaches. Thanks to the menthol, peppermint oil can be effective in treating migraines when using it as a gel to the head.

4. Rosemary essential oil

There are many studies indicated that rosemary oil is an effective headache treatment because rosemary has some anti-swelling properties and pain-killing elements. On the flip side, some people also use rosemary oil to decrease insomnia and pain during their opium withdrawal treatment.Nonetheless, humans still need to study more about health benefits of the rosemary oil.

5. Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is also one of the most popular oil for treating headaches and other issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and migraines. When inhaling lavender essential oil, it is safe and effective to control migraine headaches.

How to use essential oils for treating headaches

Nowadays, essential oils are safe and more effective as the natural remedies for treating some chronic pain like headaches.

The essential oils reduce stress and offer relaxation. These oils also have several health benefits and improve your immune system instead of using some pills or other medical treatments.

In general, you can use essential oils to relieve your headache symptoms. Here are a few methods to utilize these oils.

1. Apply the oil to the temples and forehead area

When opening the essential oils, you should drop a little oil and apply it to the forehead or related areas. Then, you slowly massage to help your skin absorb naturally. Please keep in mind that essential oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil or diffuser oil before utilized in your skin.

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2. Inhale the oil directly

To inhale essential oils, you should add a few drops in your tissue or a soft towel firstly. Then, you take the tissue underneath your nose and slowly deep.

3. Take with a compress

To have a compress, you need to use a towel and add a few drops of oil in cold water. After that, you get the compress to the forehead or neck region.

4. Drop oil in the bath

For those who always take a bath, you can add a few drops to a hot bath. By doing this, your headaches will be relived.

Side effects of using essential oils and some considerations

Because essential oils are not permitted by the Food & Drug Association, it is extremely important to consider and buy a reliable brand. On the flip side, essential oils are great natural remedies when used accurately.

Please carry in mind that essential oils should not be used on your skin directly as you may have skin irritation if you skip the diluted process.

Moreover, some people are really allergic to essential oils even if diluted. Thus, they should try a few drops on a small skin area to check for an allergic reaction. The essential oil will be safe to use if they do not have any reaction within two days.

If a person has a health problem, then he or she should ask a doctor before utilizing.


Aromatherapy is an incredible therapy through using essential oils. Each of essential oil gives different benefits for our health. Everything you need to do is that to find some good points and side effects when you decide to use natural treatments. Do not forget to speak with your doctor if you have an allergic body to be sure that you could use or not.

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Best Dog Breeds for a Couple

You may get many troubles when getting your first dog. In spite of a lot of research on general dog ownership, there are some dog breeds better suited for the first time. All dogs can be different in personalities as well as needs. But, you can look for a good novice dog. Check out this list to learn about the best dog breeds for a couple. Then, you can find a breed that fits your needs.

Bichon Frise

This breed is a very popular breed. Bichon Frise is a great choice for not only experienced but also novice owners alike. These dogs can become wonderful family companions. But, these dogs require you to groom regularly. Also, they need a daily walk. The thing you need to do is giving him plenty of cuddles and love.

Cane Corso Italiano

This dog breed seems to be intimidating, but they are considered as wonderful family companions. These dogs can be able to grow very large similarly to the Mastiffs. You won’t get any problem when keeping a Cane Corso. These dogs actually have low maintenance. But, they still want to get outside and play with you. These dogs are docile. However, they are also an excellent guard dog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you want a smaller breed, you should choose Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs are adorable little couch potatoes. They prefer to curl up as well as relax with you at any time during the day. If you are the first owner, you should own these dogs. They are actually lazy. But, you have to groom their long coats regularly. In addition, these dogs are extremely sweet. Also, they want to be with you wherever they go.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are actually great dogs. If you are looking for a perfect family companion, you should choose this breed. Moreover, they are relatively low maintenance. More importantly, these dogs are friendly with all children as well as adults. Also, they want to relax on the couch with you while they can still be able to keep up with the family. Especially, these dogs come with wonderful temperaments. That’s why they are great choices for first time owners.


Greyhound is another large breed. They can be able to take over your couch space than you thought. Especially, these dogs are docile dogs. They love to sleep. That’s why they need to do exercise regularly. Also, they are considered as a great running companion. But, this dog breed is also one of the most low maintenance breeds, not except the activity department.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is similar to his Golden Retriever cousin. They are great family companions. Especially, you can easily train these dogs. But, these dogs have to do more exercises than Goldens. These dogs are very social breeds because of their love for their people. You can bring him with you anywhere outside such as a coffee shop, keeping on your training, or watch the kids at their games.


These dogs are excellent choices for someone who wants to look for low maintenance as well as an easy-going companion. These dogs come with great temperaments. Also, they love being with other people. Although they are small, they love being active. So, they are attractive to their agility field. Generally, these cute dogs have a big personality. That’s why they are ideal for the novice owner.


These dogs are other great dogs for the first owners. They come with incredible temperaments. Also, these dogs are one of the easiest breeds to train. These dogs also love being their people like snuggle buddies. But, According to Crittersitca poodle require you to groom regularly. They are considered as one of the few minimally shedding dogs.


These dogs are well known for their squishy faces. They are also a great option for the novice owner. These dogs are extremely low maintenance. But, they are still active enough to keep you on your toes. Many owners choose them because of their wonderful personalities. Especially, they are hilarious little friends who will end up being the life of your party.

Shetland Sheepdog

Many first owners find Shetland Sheep dog’s coats intimidating. But, the fact is that it’s easy to take care of them. You also need to groom their coats regularly. These dogs are considered as great companions for everyone. They are well known for a ton of personality. Furthermore, these dogs can do well many dog sports such as obedience, fly ball, and agility as well.


You have just decided to get a new dog for your house. Congratulations! In this article, we have listed the top 10 best dogs for first-time owners. All of them are perfect for first-timers. Consider them if you plan to purchase a new dog.

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How To Choose German Shepherd Puppy Food

Like puppies, German Shepherds are adorable dogs. These dogs can be able to grow up into strong and healthy dogs if they have a good diet. As a pet owner, you will want to take care of your doggy to the best of your ability. That’s why we are here to help you. In this article, we will teach you how to choose the best German shepherd puppy food.

Why is It Important to choose the proper Puppy Food?

It’s important to choose a dog food for your puppy because of several reasons. Just like the human, each dog requires a certain balance of nutrition in their diet. In fact, some dog food brands weren’t tested before shipping it out. It’s also important to maintain your dog’s diet as a human’s. This helps to make your pet grow up nice and strong. The food you choose for your puppy should have full of calories.

Consider the size of the dog breed you have. A German shepherd will not grow as small as a Chihuahua. Therefore, there are many types of dog foods to choose from. Also, we often overlook the size of the kibble. If you intend to buy dog food for a large dog breed, look for larger shaped kibble.These foods are actually hard to chew for smaller dog breeds.

Last, remember to check the label as your friend. It’s essential before choosing it.

Things to Look for in Your German Shepherd Puppy Food

There are some things you need to know when looking for your German Shepherd Puppy food. First, there is at least 22% of the protein in your dog’s diet. You should avoid buying cheap food with poor protein.Thanks to the label you can know a lot about the food you buy. Also, you can determine the food that is suitable for larger dog breeds. It’s a great idea to check in with your vet regularly.

German Shepherd’s foods are Different from Other Puppies

The fact is that German shepherds are very active dogs. They are a large dog breed. The thing you need to do is making them grow to their full size.That’s’ why it’s essential to get the right puppy food as their dogs get older. For many owners, it’s considered as a challenge when it comes to caring for a German shepherd at the beginning of their life. For this dog breed, nutrition is an important factor. Because of the nature of their build, you need to concern about the food you feed them.

Feeding Tips for Your Puppy

If you are a new dog owner, you will face a lot of issues when learning how to feed your dog. Many owners don’t know how much to feed their dogs. It’s best to feed your pup 3 to 4 small meals every day.

Young puppies easily get vomiting. In order to prevent this, you need to spread out their meal. In fact, your dog can devour everything in their path. So, you need to avoid this.

When your dog is around half a year old, you have to feed him twice a day. This dog breed can be able to grow quickly. In addition to dry food, you can also feed your dog canned or wet food though. Also, kibble is a great choice because of a number of reasons. Thanks to it, your dog can improve his teeth. Indeed, it can help to make his teeth stronger. Plus, kibble can last longer than canned food. But, your dog will have to drink a lot of water if you feed him these foods.

Alternative Diet For Your German Shepherd

If you want, you can also put your dog on a raw diet instead of a wet and dry food diet. This type of diet ensures to give your dog energy, vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates. You can give your dog raw meat. Or, you can also bake the raw meat. You have to add your dog the dog-friendly ingredients. It’s also a great choice to add vegetables to your dog’s diet.

Thanks to feeding a raw diet starting at an early age, your dog can be able to grow faster. Furthermore, this diet can help to strengthen the bones. Plus, it prevents your dog from several diseases in GSDs.

Most importantly, you need to choose the food made from healthy ingredients. You may not know the food your dog eats decide 80% his life expectancy. That’s why it’s essential to maintain quality over quantity. At the same time, feed him the food with the quality that meets his bodily requirement.

German Shepherd dogs need a rich-protein diet. If dry food can’t give your dog enough protein, consider switching to canned food right after. On the contrary, if your dog doesn’t get a dehydration problem after his meal, you can give him dry kibble.

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Best TENS Units for Pain Relief

If you are suffering from chronic pain, it’s not easy to manage. Because physical therapy is quite expensive, you will want to think about alternatives such as creams, massage machines, and more.

One of the best solutions is electrotherapy. You can do this at home. Follow us today to get a bit of info about the machines you can use for such therapy- TENS units.

What are TENS Units?

Actually, TENS units come with electrodes connected by wire to the main unit. You can use them to control the intensity as well as the type of stimulation you are having.

These electrodes come with a cover of sticky pads that allow you to apply to your skin where you are having pain. However, there is a limited number of uses.

The fact is that electricity can help with your pain. You will get a few different competing theories from that. These units are known as a painkiller and antidepressant.

They work well on relieving pain. Also, they are great for a wide variety of conditions such as bone cancer, diabetic neuropathy, and arterial diseases.

Benefits of TENS Units

There are a few benefits we can get from TEN units. Let’s take a look at below for some of the most important ones:

Easy Pain Relief

The first benefit of TENS units we want to mention is to give you with pain relief. These units actually don’t require a prescription. They allow you to use more often. At the same time, you will get lesser chances of any side-effects.

In fact, you won’t get addiction from them. This is really a great alternative to medication. Furthermore, they don’t offer you any pain on your skin. Indeed, it’s safe and clean as long as you follow all the essential guidelines.

Portable and Discreet

There is a wide range of machines you can use to manage your pain out there. However, some of them seem to be quiet bulky even when they are portable.

So, we recommend you to use TENS units. They are incredibly small. In fact, these units are even smaller than a smartphone.

It’s easy to use even when you are running. You needn’t worry the pads sticking out of your clothes. Because they feature a silent mode, no one knows the existence of them. It’s perfect for those who are looking for pain relief at work.

Accessible and Affordable

When compared to other devices, TENS units are more accessible. Also, they are not difficult to use. Furthermore, these options are at a low starting price. That’s why you can easily get them without worrying about breaking your wallet. It’s really a good consideration for those who are suffering from chronic pain with a low income.

Top 11 TENS Units for Pain Relief 2019

Roscoe Medical TENS 7000 2nd Edition

If you want to get a portable TENS unit, you can choose the Roscoe Medical TENS 7000 2nd Edition. It comes with limited settings. They are available in 5 modes and 8 intensity levels. However, this is strong. Moreover, it’s easy to use.

This device can be able to run continuously. Especially, you can store it up to 60 different operation records. It features quite high strong strength.

Plus, there are a few good extras, including the hard carrying case. But, it’s still at an affordable price. Besides, this option can last for a long time as well.

It comes with 9-volt batteries that can burn out fast. If you want, you can replace them by getting rechargeable batteries.

FDA Cleared OTC HealthmateFor ever YK15AB TENS

Nowadays, there is a lot of choices of affordable unit available on the market. This product is a great one to try out. In fact, it’s known as one of the most adjustable units available.

It offers you 8 pads at once. They are on two different channels. Therefore, it’s easy to cover large areas of your body. They can be able to be used on multiple areas at once. If you want, you can use the large side in place of the smaller ones.

Plus, there are 20 different levels of intensity. Besides, the unit is made with 15 pre-programmed modes.

This is also a great choice for those who want to get ones coming at a highly affordable price.

Many customers said that this unit comes with poorly written instructions. So, it’s easy to get a bit of trouble when using it.

Once you find pads not suitable for you, you can consider purchasing replacement pads.

AccuMed Rechargeable Tens Unit AP212

It offers 4 electrodes on two different channels. Especially, they are available in color-coded. So, you won’t get confused when using. It is made with a total of 16 modes that you can easily cycle through.

It features a large and backlight LCD screen. So, it’s easy to use. Also, you can also carry it around with ease because it’s fairly small. Even when you use it on the lowest setting, you can still feel it’s powerful. The AccuMed also give you a durable construction.

There are also some cons to this tens unit. First, it isn’t designed with a continuous mode. Moreover, it’s pricey a bit.

AVON Rechargeable TENS Unit

This device is one of the most adjustable units on the market today. It features 20 different levels of intensity. Therefore, it won’t hurt you.

Because it’s small, it’s not difficult to carry around with you. In addition, it comes with clearly marked different programs in the interface.

Although the device comes with all good additional modes, it still lacks dual channel control. Keep in mind that more intensity levels don’t mean the unit has more strength.


This unit is designed with a bit of non-standard setup. There are two different channels that you can use 6 electrodes at once.

Also, this unit offers you two extra large pads. With this TENS unit, you needn’t worry about power. Though it doesn’t look strong, it is stronger than that.

Its batteries allow it last for a quite a while. This unit works with a USB charger. So, it’s easy to recharge.

It is designed with some good extras. Moreover, it’s compact as well as easily portable. But, it includes low-quality sticky pads.

TechCare Massage Tens Unit Plus 24

The TechCare Massage Tens Unit Plus 24 looks like a smartphone. It is known for a nifty touchscreen. You can use it with ease. Also, it comes with well-labeled controls.

If you want to change modes, you need to adjust the intensity on both channels. This unit comes with only 6 modes, not 24. They are available in 4 different levels.

It features great strength. Even when you use it at higher levels, it can still last for quite a while. It comes with the USB charger, so it’s easy to charge it quickly. Plus, this TEN unit comes with durable pads.

Touchscreen-based units are great for using at home. They allow you to see the setting easier for more descriptions.

HealthmateFOR ever HM8ml Tens Unit

This option is actually an obvious upgrade from some of the last models. It’s easy to use. There are a few large buttons that are made for the controls. It’s easy to press all the buttons.

This unit is available in 8 different modes. It allows you to use 4 pads on two different channels. It is known for 20 intensity levels. But, it’s not essential to use all of them. It can be able to last for a long time even when used on the strongest setting.

Also, this choice is very durable. It offers durable pads since they are high-quality. According to Reviewsradar.com, It’s really one of the best choices for those who are finding the best TENS unit for sciatica. But, it may not be easy to take the electrodes off.

KEDSUM Rechargeable 16 Modes Tens Unit

There are 4 different pads for you to use from this tens unit. You can use them at the same time on 2 different channels. With this unit, it’s not essential to use the extremely intense settings.

Its battery can be able to last for 10 hours. It offers you a USB charger in addition to a few other extras such as pads of different sizes.

This unit doesn’t come with an instruction manual. So, it’s important to look for some instructions online.

Ohuhu FDA Cleared Muscle Pain Tens Unit

This unit is known as a powerful and highly adjustable option. It’s available in 16 different modes. There are 20 different levels of intensity.

But, it comes with poor instructions. So, you may have to get a microscope to even read them. This option is actually quite durable. You needn’t worry about breaking it even when dropping it.

They can be sticky in one or two weeks. Therefore, you will have to replace them fairly soon. There are lots of pads in the package when coming to this tens unit. It features extras pads of different sizes. Plus, it comes with durable construction as well.

Remember to stop using with the treatment altogether at the high intensity once you feel pain.

MEDVIVE Rechargeable FDA Cleared Tens Unit

MEDVIVE is set up with a total of 8 pads. They are sticky enough to stay for quite a while. Today, there are many units coming with low-quality pads. So, try out this unit if you want to get great pain relief.

Many people choose this unit because of the extras. With it, you can use 4 pads at once. It offers great strength.

Actually, it’s an adjustable unit. It comes with 16 modes. It may be not easy to make out what the modes do because of only vague icons. But, not all the time its screen is durable.

Massage Therapy Concepts TENS Unit and EMS Combination

This option is not only a good TENS unit but also a great EMS unit. Therefore, it’s a good choice for those who want to save their money.

It looks like a smartphone with a handy touchscreen that you can easily use. Also, it is designed with a couple of great extras. They include large as well as extra large sets of pads.

Sure, you will be satisfied with both the TENS and the EMS unit. All of them function work well. Its battery doesn’t last too long. Besides, it may be not easy to use at first.


Best TENS Units for Pain ReliefI have already told you the best TEN units for pain relief. Sure, you will find ones that can fit you. So, which is the best one? Well, in my thinking, the best option is the AccuMed Rechargeable Tens Unit AP212. It is designed with lots of adjustments and strength, separate channels, and a few minor downsides. You can choose any of the units mentioned above. It’s up to you!

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Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

For beginner growers, it may be a hard task to choose the best grow lights. In fact, there are many different choices out there to choose from. However, it’s not easy to choose ones that fit your setup.

Don’t worry! In this post, we will give you all the info you need to know about choosing the best grow lights for indoor plants. Keep reading to discover them.

Types of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Here are 4 main types of grow lights for indoor plants:

Incandescent Bulbs

In order to buy them, you just need to pay a few dollars. This option is actually the cheapest choice. However, this option is just used for a few plants. If you want to use this unit, you need to make a distance of 2 feet or more in order to avoid heat damage.

Fluorescent lights

This is one of the most popular choices for home growers today. However, they lack the right range for flowering. They are ideal for germination and vegetative growth. Actually, fluorescent lights produce less heat. Therefore, they are safer and more effective compared to incandescent bulbs. Plus, this is a good choice for your budget as well.

High-Intensity Discharge

It’s great to choose Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS). It’s expensive to buy and operate the high-intensity discharge. This choice is extremely efficient. It’s a great choice for vegetative growth if you use the blue light of MH, while it produces less flowering.

The HPS lights produce the red to orange lights for your plants. They are used to encourage plants to flower. The MH lights are used to promote leafy growth.


It stands for Light Emitting Diode. In order to operate these lights, it just requires little. It can be able to produce red and blue spectrums. That’s why it’s used in not only vegetative growth but also flowering. Because of the new technology, this choice is more expensive compared to other types above.

That’s all about the types of grow lights for indoor plants. They are perfect for extending the growing season. Most importantly, you need to choose ones that fit your budget and your growing needs best.

5 Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

1. Roleadro LED Panel

As you know, there is a wide range of grow lights and bulks out there. Therefore, growers want to get ones that offer versatility. The Roleadro LED panel is listed as one of the best choices on the market today.

It’s easy to use this system alone. It ensures to give your plants the best coverage. It combines individual red and blue lights. Therefore, it can be able to give your plants the most common wavelength to survive.

You can use this product to cover around 7-8 square feet. Plus, it can be able to last up to 50,000 hours.

2. Aceple Desk Lamp

If you are looking for the best grow lights on your budget, we recommend you to choose the Aceple Desk Lamp. This is a good choice for those who want to grow their single and small plants anywhere in the home.

This product is available in six individual red and blue pieces. It ensures to give your plants the most common spectrums of lights. It can be able to run around 25,000 hours. Especially, it’s very easy to replace once it dies out.

It comes with a single metal fixture with a clamp on its end. So, it’s easy to hang it from shelves, ledges, as well as other surfaces.

3. Lithonia Lighting GRW

This is the best choice for large scale gardens. It promises to offer the best coverage while keeping expenses down.

With this lighting system, you can adjust the height if you want to give your plants the most amount of light they need. It’s perfect for smaller indoor gardens.

You can easily hang and place it above your plants. There are two 14w fluorescent bulbs in addition to an acrylic lens.

That’s why it ensures to give your plants the maximum coverage. Also, there is a five-foot power cord included. Also, it comes with on/off switches.

4. Deckey 225 LED

The fact is that growers can’t use everyday light bulbs for indoor plants. As an indoor grower, you need to look for the grow light that offers full spectrum. They can emit more frequencies compared to the visible lights. As a result, your plants can get as much energy as they need to thrive.

If you use the Deckey 225 LED, you can provide your plants with the UV as well as infrared wavelengths not found in the common light bulbs.

This lighting system is built in a series of blue and red LED lights. So, it’s also great for outdoor plants such as fruits or flowers.

This unit produces less heat. Therefore, it can help to protect your plants from continued exposure as well as higher temperature.

5. ViaVolt T5

In the last years, traditional fluorescent bulbs were one of the most common choices for grow lights. For indoor plants, you need to give them more of the light frequencies to grow. The ViaVolt T5 is a good choice that sacrifices the length of their life.

It’s perfect for indoor plants that are not oversized or ones that don’t take up too much space.

6. Dimgogo 1500W

For large indoor gardens, you need to give higher maintenance. You may have to cost much money if you use individual grow lights on a large garden. The Dimgogo 1500w promises to cover more area. It means you can reduce the number of lights you need.

It is a great combination of full spectrum, red and blue lights. Therefore, it can output about 36 square feet. The light is designed with two cooling fans and heatsinks. They help to keep the temperature down. So, it’s safe for your plants.

7. Ppunson Dual Head

The Ppunson Dual Head is a great option for beginner growers. With this unit, you can try your hand at an indoor garden with ease.

It has a dual head design that allows you to place perfectly the system around a single plant. Also, you can grow two plants at the same time. There are three red and two blue individual pieces found in each head.

You can attach the light on ledges because it has a metal lamp on the end. The Ppunson Dual Head ensures to give your plants the best coverage.


Thanks to growing lights, you can grow your plants indoors with ease. Luckily, there is a lot of choices on the market when it comes to growing light systems. All types of grow lights are helpful, but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, our guide today can help you to choose the best ones for your needs with fewer effort.

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