What to know before dating a cat person?

If you are dating someone who owns at least a pat cat, here is what you may need to know about them before you decide to get involved with her (and may be him)

  1. They LOVE cats. Well, you have already known that but sometimes, that love borders on obsession, especially with their own cats. Don’t be too surprised that gradually, their love consumes your life, too
  2. Cat people, like cats, require a lot of space and they are independent themselves. There is no point in forcing them to be sentimental or affectionate. They will come to you with cuddles and affection when they desire them. If they don’t feel up to hanging out with you, don’t worry, they still care about you, but they just need their alone time and can become frustrated if they don’t get enough of it. What you need to do is give them their freedom and they will love you forever!
  3. You can find cat hair literally on every piece of clothing that they own. Because cat hair is nearly 100 percent transferable to clothes, cat people can scrape all the cat hair off their clothing and make an entirely new cat out of it. As a result, they have lint rollers tucked in every corner of their house and purse. Therefore, if scaring of cat hair is holding back you from truly committing to a relationship with a cat owner, have no fear and don’t let a little fuzzy come between you and your loved one. And maybe, you can forget about fancy necklaces or diamond rings because lint rollers make perfect gifts to someone who owns cats, particularly long hair.
  4. They can’t hang out with you late because of priorities. Having any pet, like being a parent, builds responsibility and character. When they have another mouth to feed, they have to be responsible to make sure that it keeps with their daily diet. More than that, they have to handle the gross stuff including scooping through a rubble-filled toilet (litter box) daily, scrubbing multi-colored cat vomit from the beige carpet (because one cat has a more sensitive stomach than the other), vacuuming hairballs and straying fur from every crevice of their clothing and house. So going back home early to clean the mess that their cats may have made is found to be a very common excuse among cat people. Speaking of litter box, an automatic self-cleaning one can be the best gift ever. If you give the gift of an automatic litter box to a busy cat-parent, it’s like hearing the angles sing.
  5. They are deeply sensitive and notice everything even though they don’t show it. Cat people aren’t “showy” with their emotions, which means they may not always show affection or openly express their love. But their love is woven in them and every relationship means a lot to them. They will be right there for you when you need them and deeply in tune with their loved ones feeling. Also, cat people aren’t extroverted and spontaneous ‘cause they tend to live inside their heads more, paying attention to details and particulars in social interactions.
  6. They are more intellectual than emotional and they don’t easily overly emotional about things because they always try to remain level headed, rationalizing things through logic rather than jumping into feelings head first. They tend to keep their emotions classy and don’t like large emotion displays.
  7. They prefer close-knit relationships to having lots of acquaintances since they appreciate their time alone time. Sometimes, all they need is staying in, watching a movie and just chilling. They don’t like being in the center of every party and find hard to keep up with a lot of friends. It doesn’t mean that they dislike people, they just feel comfortable when given space and freedom with their relaxed lifestyle.
  8. Sometimes, they can be very sassy but always as real as real can be. They are intelligent enough to read when somebody isn’t genuine or trying to get away with passive aggressive comments. They hate being pushed around and especially taken advantage of. They will immediately burn bridges with someone who doesn’t respect them. With cat people, if they don’t like you, they won’t fake liking you and if they spend time talking to you and even hanging out with you, it means they like you.
  9. To cat person, of course, cat isn’t just a pet but a companion, an equal. That is to say, you should not treat one like a subordinate. The cat will feel offended when you take its spot on the bed and don’t be surprised that the person you are dating will perhaps take the cat’s side. Also, you need to prepare to be ignored when they are with you and suddenly see a cat coming around
  10. When you are over at their place, the most effective way to win major points is showing up with a present for the cat or at least be genuinely excited to see it. My suggestion for you is an automatic self-cleaning litter box. To help you with your purchasing, we will be showing you the five best automatic self-cleaning litter boxes based on feedback and ratings in the reviews written by the cat owners themselves.

Dating a cat lover means all the cat thing and can be very interesting, we hope that you will get used to it soon and accept that cat person is sexy independent leader, intelligent, freedom oriented and mysteriously aloof but might be controlled by her master cats.