Having a pet was not a welcoming idea in my family since I was little. Our family members live together under a same traditional roof so that most of affective decisions were made by our parents, including having a pet or not. I, personally, like cats, and am always eager to have one, but it is never a lasting discussion topic. But fate brought us a kitten, a calico (tri-colour) one. It was a little stray cat that got lost on our roof. That night, the moment we heard her desperate moan, we decided to save her. No one could resist her lovely eyes and soft fur as she curled up. Since then, our family has had another member. She brings us together sometimes. We spent our time to take care of it.

That also was the time we get to know about cat sands and cat food dispensers (and tons of other things that we never knew their existence). We spent time to make some research about cats and all other relating issues. We had found new interesting things, and one day, we even found ourselves.

Having a cat living with you seemed not to be something remarkable, but it turned to another level of self-recognize. Cats are not energetic as dogs. They are independent and soothe. We never feel like rushing when having a cat around. It has completely calmed away the heat that we had perceived during the day. Talking to a cat might sound neurotic to some people, but it really is a mean of reducing your stresses. Your cat does listen (or acts like they are listening), and they don’t judge as humans do.

Isn’t it nice to have a listener with no judgement? Their calmness towards the craziest problem teaches you: well, even a cat would not fear to face that so why should I? The bravery of cats is definitely admirable, and is a thing we should learn from them. Watching the cat day after day had affected our lifestyles and even changed little of our personalities. We learned to be quiet and watch other people, and to observe things happening around us. If you have a cat, I guess you have at least once seen your cat look out the window and gaze at things: a movement of a flower, a blowing wind, or just flying clouds. We do not speak up unnecessarily before we could discover a picture as a whole.

The benefits from having a cat

The benefits from having a cat do not come from just personal thoughts like ours. There is a study made by Denise Guastello also revealed that people having one or more cats in their life are more open-minded although they may be more introverted. Just like the cats are not attracted to people much, but to things to be discovered. The owners tend to act positively to experiencing new things and have no signs of greater neurotic, going against the perception that cats are neurotic and their owner would somehow be affected. In addition, Guastello acknowledged to his study that cat people are likely to be more non-conformist, which perhaps comes from the independence that cats are famous for. Artists are commonly known to raise cats, is it not a coincidence that their minds are also open to the world, they prefer privacy and have special way of life that stay apart from any typical lifestyle.

Another interesting point of the report is the intelligence level of people having cats are higher among those within the pool of the research. This could be explained by the beneficial characteristics they might have learnt from their cats. We can support that the research’s outcome has defined literally proper. There are positive changes to our thinking and way of action towards happenings. We are more empathetic rather than as aggressive to people as we were before, all thanks to our cats. When conflicts arise, we tend to listen more, and stay calm, instead of fighting for our beliefs, disregarding others’.


As a result, we end up understand each other a bit better because we finally also listen, not just express our opinions. I did not have much of awareness to sufficient matters of life until we faced our cat and started to learn new things in order to take good care of her. Since then, a new set of thoughts went into my mind. I started to stay quiet, to look carefully and to walk further away from egotism. All of that come in gradually to make people better. Although being introverted is not an advantage in some contexts, especially with social relating positions that require people to communicate and be extra verted, true listening and empathy will lead us to life-long friends and relationships, faithful companions, and trustworthy connections.

Being a cat person

Being a cat person means that we are attentive and mindful, or at least could grow great in some parts of our own personalities. We love cats, and we also learn a lot of things from them. A research says that cat persons do have love for other pets, while those who prefer canines tend to spare their love towards dogs only. However, having a pet is a great decision that involves lots of time commitment, effort, and patience. Hence, no matter which type of person you are, dog person or cat person, you are indeed an animal-lover and a good care-taker; and if you are good at taking care of your dog or cat, you will be eventually good at taking care of other people too, which makes you become so valuable in this world. Overall, to be valuable and a better version of yourself is the ultimate goal in this life, isn’t it?

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